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The Business Buyers Club is a group of highly experienced business acquisition consultants and we have been working in this field since 2002. Unlike the real estate acquisitions market, the business buying market has been void of any solid buying philosophy. There are a million gurus that can give you their techniques on buying real estate, but very few when it comes to business acquisitions. The Business Buyers Club is a partnership driven consulting and acquisition group that has become an imperative tool for aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs. The Business Buyers Club is strategically placed to assist our Joint Venture Partners in this unserved market by using our professional expertise to provide high quality services in Buying, Selling & Investing in Established Turnkey Businesses. We are responsible for helping many business owners realize their dreams by providing them with expert consulting services for buying turnkey profitable businesses.

We have honed are skills over the years, providing services that are priceless when it comes to getting the right kind of professionals with the right kind of business or business partners. Our services assure that members have the ability to succeed in every facet of the purchasing and owning process. We will assist with securing financing for your personal or business need, we provide unsecured personal or business lines of credit, personal credit repair, personal credit building, and business credit building for any business you may already own, or will own. We have a host of business loan products for our business owners, such as equipment financing, working capital, expansion loans, equipment loans, purchase order funding, and merchant cash advances.

Welcome to The Business Buyers Club, your first step to being an owner or part owner of a Profitable Turnkey Business or Income Producing Property. A typical buying club is usually made up of a small group of individuals and is organized to pool members' collective buying power. This allows them to make purchases at much lower prices than are generally available, or to purchase goods that might be difficult to obtain. In essence, it's a more economical way of purchasing items. The Business Buyers Club follows that exact model, but instead of using our cooperative buying power to purchase food, services, or goods, we use it to purchase existing Profitable Businesses that are for sale, as well as Income Producing Properties.