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We will help you acquire businesses with very little or no money out of pocket. Our experts dig up businesses that best suit our members’ level of expertise. Those businesses are then pre-screened and evaluated by our business team before it is presented to our members for individual, or Joint Venture acquisition.

We become your business partner, you can are a buy businesses either with us, other partners, or individually. Group buying is ideal for purchasing a business quickly as well as getting it cheaper from the owner thanks to our financing strategies, and the speed of which we can close the deal. Become part of an entrepreneurial movement, Join Today!

We provide solution used by businesses in every industry to increase sales, generate more leads, improve customer service, and ultimately grow and build value from your already existing business or a newly acquired one, through our consultancy.

Our Business Acquisition team performs a thorough and diligent examination of the financials of the prospective business and comes up with an estimate of the potential returns in order to determine its market value, NOI (Net Operating Income), and potential value to our members as an acquisition.

At Business Buyers Club, We Turn Your Dreams into Dollar Signs!

We assist aspiring business owners with an opportunity to buy an established Turnkey Business and reap almost immediate success. We also provide “Done For You” real estate investment that gives new and aspiring real estate investors a chance to earn significant revenue flipping properties with no out of pocket expense or prior real estate investment knowledge. 

                                                            BUY ANY BUSINESS, ANYWHERE!
Get Advice from the Pros!

We are The Business Buyers Club, and we are here to provide you with the opportunity to quickly become financially successful with an established Turnkey Business that you can purchase along with our other members.

Buying an established business is far easier than starting a business from scratch.  It also happens to be the shortest route to realizing one’s dream of owning your very own business. The Business Buyers Club offers you the services of our professional staff made up of certified sales process engineers, MBAs, and customer retention experts. Having the combined knowledge of these  experts means that we can offer our expertise in such fields as business and property acquisitions.

Interested in buying a profitable Turnkey business? Here’s a list of our services;

·       Personal Financing Consulting

·       Business Financing Consulting 

·       Business Loans Consulting 

·       Real Estate Acquisition Consulting 

·       Small Business Purchases Consulting

How Do We Help You?

We help you secure financing to purchase an established, already successful, existing businesses. We target turnkey businesses because they are less risky, have  a proven track record and built in clientele. This means you do not have to guess about its ability to make you money. At The Business Buyer’s Club, our experts do the fishing for you so you can keep your hard earned money where it doesn’t belongs, in your pocket!

With us, there’s no need to go the trial-and-error route because what we do works.